Car Crash Due to Texting

A couple days ago I heard about a woman who was involved in a car wreck in Lebanon. I then was able to read about it on She was allegedly texting while driving, which caused her to swerve over in to the oncoming lane and hit a pickup truck. Her four-year old son was in the back seat, who was killed. The woman was hospitalized with serious burns and other injuries. The driver and passengers of the truck were injured as well, but nothing too serious. I cannot imagine the amount of guilt she is carrying.

It’s scary to hear about something like this, especially so close to whereyou live. I will admit that I text and drive constantly. I don’t even think about it sometimes. However, I have caught myself swerving a little bit from time to time. This story really made me realize that something like this could easily happen, and that I should be more cautious when driving, limiting my texting while driving.


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One Response to Car Crash Due to Texting

  1. That is such a scary and tragic story. I cannot imagine what her family is going through, and herself. I do not know if you have ever seen Tyler Perry’s movie, “Why Did I get Married,” but a similar incident is in the movie where she did not strap the child into the car seat and got into an accident where the child died. Obviously, the child in this news story was strapped in properly, but the pain of the character in the movie was shown, and it is so hard to live their life after the death of their child which was their own fault. Texting and driving is a really bad habit, and I admit I’ve done it before too. It is stories like these though that really make you think when you see your phone going off while driving, you remember these stories, and do not pick it up.

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