Another Summer at the Shore House


Yesterday, the beloved television show, Jersey Shore, was officially picked up for a new sixth season. I am  not going to pretend that my friend and I don’t watch the show every Thursday, because we do. I find this show so interesting and hysterical. Clearly I do not actually like these people, especially Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, but I find their insane partying and drama to be very entertaining. We basically watch the show to laugh at their stupidity. I enjoy watching Snooki get drunk and arrested, Sammi and Ronnie throw furniture at each other when they fight, and Pauly and Vinny express their eternal love for each other. I am not embarrassed to admit that find all of that extremely hilarious.

It is even more funny to see how seriously they take their “careers,” when all they do is party and bitch at each other. Granted, they do make about $100,000 per episode. Most cast members are even expanding these so-called careers. Pauly D. has his own spin-off show starting on March 29, J-Woww and Snooki have their own show coming up, and Ronnie has his own clothing line, Jersey Laundry, and drink, Ron-Ron Juice. It is amazing how much money these people are making by doing essentially nothing.

While this sadly does entertain for an hour every Thursday night, I am still frightened by the fact that I am sure there are younger kids who might actually view this lifestyle as cool or acceptable. It especially does not help that Snooki just recently announced her pregnancy. Despite this pregnancy, she will still be returning to shore house this summer. I can’t even imagine what will happen with this child.


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