Beautiful Weather

This week’s weather has been absolutely gorgeous. Temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s, with very little pestering winds, unlike last week. I admit, I am jealous of any schools that have spring break this week. My spring break consisted of hail, rain, and wind. Now I am back in school and all I want to do is be outside enjoying this weather. It was torture being in class today, then going straight to work all night.

This weather makes me want to ride my bike, play tennis, and any other outside activities. Yesterday, my friend, who is on spring break, were able to play a couple games of tennis and take a walk. Today it was even so warm that a few of my friends got to lay out by their pool. I love doing stuff like that, and I think it’s a waste if people do not go outside and take advantage of this beautiful weather. I hope to make a trip to the zoo this week, or something fun like that.

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