The Return of Lucas Scott

Chad Michael Murray's Return Appearance

Frankly, I am at a loss about something to write about this week. My plan was to discuss the Oscars, which were on last night. But that does not interest me quite as much as what is happening on one of my favorite television shows, “One Tree Hill.” This might not be an appealing topic to some people, but I have been a loyal viewer of this show for years now. Last week’s episode was quite a monumental one.

In my opinion, the show has done an impressive downward spiral since its early seasons. It has transformed from a storyline of small-town high school friends to high-class career adults with much bigger problems. The show is on its ninth and final season, but since the end of season six, it has been without two original, key characters, Lucas, Chad Michael Murray, and Peyton, Hilary Burton. Since then, I believe it lost a good majority of its viewers. I just had to watch it until the end though. This past episode, however, had a surprise visit from the loved and missed character of Lucas Scott.

Murray returned essentially for a way for the fans to say a final goodbye to his character. He was the heart and moral center of the show, in my opinion. Without him, it just has not been the same. He came back solely to help out his best friend Haley, Bethany Galleoti, who’s husband, Lucas’ brother, has gone missing. Nathan, James Lafferty, was kidnapped on his way home from Europe. He interacted only with Haley and her son, Jamie, which was a disappointment for me. I had hoped that he would go back to Tree Hill and see some of his old friends. When he arrived in the airport crowd in the beginning of the episode, you couldn’t help but smile though. Bringing him back was definitely a great way to gain more viewers for the week and help more smoothly bring the show to an end.


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