Commercial Viewed Controversial Due to Transgender Content

The article, “Cheltenham Festival ‘Ladies’ Day’ Slammed as Transphobic,” describes how Paddy Power produced a commercial for Ladies’ Day, which allowed for the viewers to guess whether a person was a woman or a transgender. Over 500 complaints were received by the company, stating that it was either inappropriate or offensive to the LGBT society. Even though the general conclusion of many officials was that the commercial was all in good fun, it was not aired. The station probably did not want to endure any angry viewers, or loose viewers simply because of a commercial.

Woman or Transgender?

I believe that the intent of the commercial was simply to create a few laughs. And I do not believe that anyone should be offended by this. The fact that viewers were encouraged to guess transgenders from women, or ‘Stallions from Mares,’ as it was referred to in the ad, is not that big of a deal, in my opinion. I have seen this on many television shows, such as “Tyra,” and it was accepted by the television viewer community then. The article even stated that many actual transgenders participated in the commercial. If they were not offended or hurt, I can’t imagine that anyone else should be. I agree with ESPN, the channel that would have aired the ad, in not airing it, however. Keeping clean of controversies such as this is probably a smart decision, however sometimes they are inevitable.

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2 Responses to Commercial Viewed Controversial Due to Transgender Content

  1. There is an error in you post. The commercial has been and is continuing to be aired on BSkyB and Channel 4. ESPN have however, decided not to air it.

  2. Also there has been a disclosure that the advert script changed from that which the transgender women saw to take part and the one that was actually used.

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