Juice Cleansing Diets: Are They For You?

English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice

Cucumber Juice

My friend and her boyfriend recently made the decision to begin a juice diet. They plan to start it Monday, February 13th, and it is to last one week. The process entails consuming strictly fruits and vegetables in juice form during the entire week. A juice diet is basically a detoxification of the body, which has the main purpose of enhancing the immune system. These purely natural juices help the body regain balance and stamina to fight off disease and other illnesses. My friends hope to primarily cleanse their bodies, rather than lose an extreme amount of weight, for they are both pretty slender people already.

I went with them to shop for fruits and vegetables for the first day or so of their endeavor. They purchased kale, cucumbers, carrots, garlic, apples, and lemons. There are many other fruits and vegetables able to be juiced as well though. The plan was to try out a few different combinations and see which ones they prefer. They have already experimented a bit for tasting purposes and to see how their new juicer worked, and I was tempted into trying a couple of their creations. I had a sip of cucumber juice and a little bit of kale, which to my surprise was not the worst taste in the world. Then they got a little more creative and added a few more vegetables into the mix, and I could not handle that one.

This type of diet is great, in my opinion, for people who are really dedicated to it. I, for one, could not do it however. I am all for working out and eating healthy, but this is a bit extreme for me. I enjoy food much too much to eliminate it completely. While it is not in my taste, I am supporting my friends 100% as they embark on this week long cleansing process, and I am looking forward to how it all turns out for them.

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One Response to Juice Cleansing Diets: Are They For You?

  1. ambriaotero says:

    As soon as I saw your blog title I knew this would be an interesting topic. My friend has also decided to try this juice diet. When she told me about it I gave her a really odd look because I know I would not be motivated enough to go through with it. If the juice was strictly fruits, I may consider it, but the whole vegetable purpose of it turns me off a little bit.

    I think it is very cool that people are motivated enough to do this diet. I really think it will help cleanse the body and can’t wait to also get my friend’s results. As you stated in your blog, I too enjoy my foods too much to have a strict diet like this. I also workout and try to eat as healthy as possible, but never go to the extreme. I do love fruit smoothies however!

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