Work Out In A Group

Group Work Out!

Recently I noticed an article on indicating that it is more beneficial to work out in a group, rather than alone. It explained that having a group of people surrounding you, all working toward the same goal, is very motivating and keeps you more focused. Also, the competition aspect of being in a group could motivate some people. It gave about eight different groups that are available for a great work out. Blending in as a group while working out might also make some people feel less self-conscious, in my opinion.

There are many group work out classes that SIUE offers, and are free for students. I took a couple ab circuits last semester, which were great. Also last year, my friend and I participated in a Zumba class. That was the most fun I have had working out because it was in a big group setting. It probably was the most efficient work out that I kept up with as well.

My cousin just joined a group that goes and works out every Saturday morning. She said that if it was not for her group, she probably would not have the motivation to get up every morning and actually hit the gym. It really is the best way to go if you find it hard to exercise.

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One Response to Work Out In A Group

  1. I completely agree with you! Working out with a partner or in a group makes it so much easier to go and exercise. I did not start lifting weights until a little over a year ago. The only reason I started was because my cousin asked if I wanted to go with him one time. I was extremely hesitant since I had never lifted weights. If it is your first time exercising in front of other people, it is really easy to feel self-concious. That is why it is a great idea to start working out with a partner or in groups. Once you get the hang of it, it makes it a lot easier to go off and exercise on your own.

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