Sohpia Bush Says F*** Cancer

Recently I started following my favorite character of one of my favorite television shows, “One Tree Hill,” on Twitter. As I have come to discover, philanthropic efforts are very important to Sophia Bush. She just recently won the Moxilla Firefox Challenge, which was a competition to raise the most money for a cause of their choice. Sophia raised $117,000 for the F*** Cancer foundation. She has also done work with Pencils for Promise, an organization that builds schools in developing countries and expands education opportunities, I Am That Girl, a women’s empowerment group, To Write Love On Her Arms, a foundation to help people with self-harming problems, and many others.

Learning that an actress I love so much is this generous and dedicated to helping out great causes makes me love her even more. She is a wonderful role model and could be a big inspiration to many people. Her efforts are not only an enormous help, but encouragement to her fans to do their part in the world too. We all should be aware of these causes and do our part to help them. Its great to know that there are celebrities that use their money and celebrity status to do good in the world. When I see stars like the cast of “Jersey Shore” and “Real Housewives,” I get concerned for our society and the message we are sending to a lot of our youth. But to know that there are role models like Sophia Bush out there really makes me feel much better.

Bush punches Rogen out of the Firefox Challenge!





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