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War on Drugs; Kim Lutman; January 22, 2012

I agree with you that this is a “war” that we are definitely not winning. Yes, there is an outrageous amount of illicit activity going on with these drugs. Unfortunately, there is no solid way to prevent this. In my opinion, if we were to make marijuana, and perhaps all illegal drugs, legal and tax citizens for them it could make a difference, especially with the economy.

The trading of illegal drugs would dramatically decrease because the drugs would be easier to come by, so dealers would essentially be out of a job. Also, our government spends way too much money incarcerating people for drug possession and use. Obviously our punishments are not teaching anyone a lesson, for this is still an issue. We would not spend money putting people in jail, and even make money on the taxes. The taxes would be dramatically high, just as sin taxes on tobacco and alcohol are, which could in effect stop people from buying them so much.

These drugs are not the enemy in this “war.” The enemy is the way we handle the use and trade of these drugs.

Comment 2

Loose Change = Big Bucks by Leah Morris January 31, 2012

This is absolutely true! My friend is a waitress and she keeps a giant jar in her room specifically for the change she gets from tips. It took quite a few months, but when she got it filled up we took it to the bank to count and got a check for it. It ended up being over 500 dollars in change! It definitely inspired me to do the same with my loose change. I work at a grocery store and so many of my customers let me keep their extra coins just because they do not like carrying them around. It adds up!

Comment 3

Facebook: More Than Just Staying In Touch by Bryson Weaver January 31, 2012

The drama, funny drunken pictures, and offensive statuses are pretty much what Facebook has come to be about. And yes, it is very entertaining. Because of this entertainment though, I forced myself to delete my account about five months ago. My entire family has Facebook and I did not like my parent, aunts, and even grandma, reading my friends stupid comments and pictures of me at parties. The same goes for potential employers. I know that there are privacy settings to prevent this, but you never know when something can leak through.
It is hard not having something to do when I find a few spare minutes. I still find myself getting on my phone and looking for the Facebook app to open. While I do miss commenting to and looking at pictures of my friends away at different colleges, I hate to admitt that I miss the simple creeping aspect even more.

Comment 4

How To Do Social Media PR In 2012 by PR In Your Pajamas

My intended major is not Public Relations, but I find the social media aspect of this career very interesting. Getting ideas out to the public through sites such as Twitter and Google+ are great and necessary tactics. People in this field need to keep up with technology and rapidly growing media sites. If someone is not up for this challenge, then it may not be the best career option for them. This is essentially what Public Relations is all about these days, as you said.

Comment 5

Enjoy Life on a Budget by Kevin Osborne

This is so true. I always love to go to the zoo as soon as the weather gets nice. And yes, the fact that it is free makes it that much better! This summer my friends and I went to the City Museum, the Arch, the Botanical Gardens, and a few Grizzly’s games, a few examples that you listed. There are so many fun things to do that a lot of people just don’t give a chance.

Comment 6

Assignment Overload by Kim Lutman; February 27, 2012

These past couple weeks have been nothing short of hell for me, too. I had four tests last week, as well as a paper. I agree, it does seem like when one class has an assignment or test, so do all the others. Put this on top of work and attempting to keep up a social life, makes for a very stressed out and tired college student.
I, for one, cannot wait for spring break so I can finally breathe a little. I had a trip planned to Panama City with my friends, but to save money I decided not to go. Hopefully this will give me time to just relax, and of course work on some assignments that are due the next week.

Comment 7

Impatient for Summer by Kylie Jones; March 13, 2012

I have been to Fripp about four times before. I used to go with my friend in high school every summer. It is the best! Her dad would rent a different beach house every year, and they were all really nice. The beach is amazing and there’s so many different people to meet and hang out with. Being a small island, it is not crowded or busy. Everyone there rides around golf carts and it is so relaxed. We always went during the fourth of July week, because there are always so many things to do that week. I’m a little jealous you’re going, you will have a lot of fun!

So Over The Dorms by Michelle Goodyear; March 20, 2012

I lived in the dorms my freshman year, and I, too, hated it. Even though I did know my roommate prior to moving in, she was still messy and loud. I was always picking up her water bottles, plates, and random trash. I could not stand it. Also, I really enjoy my sleep, and she would come in at two or three in the morning all the time, waking me up. Towards the middle of our second semester, she got a boyfriend who had his own apartment, which luckily, she would stay at very frequently. We would rarely see each other at the dorms by the last few weeks of the semester. So the only advice I have is to find her a guy with his own place!

Weather Forecast <> by Michael Kandon-Windom; March 26, 2012

I am not really buying the whole end of the world hype, but yes I agree that this weather is very, very strange. It was hot all week, and now it is almost chilly out again. Our winter was unusual as well. We did not get much sleet or snow, and there was even some warmer weather here and there. I, for one, am ready for this back and forth to end, and for summer to be here with some permanent warm weather.

Twitter by Leah Morris; April 3, 2012

I agree, this punishment does seem a little ridiculous. Watching what you say online is very important, especially if he was older and trying to obtain a job, but expelling a student for cursing on Twitter is unnecessary. I would love to read the news article on this and see if he was threatening another student or something of that nature.


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