The Stress of School

I am not sure what is going on with my teachers these past couple weeks, but they are sure piling up the homework. I have two papers due tomorrow, a quiz Thursday, and another paper due Thursday. Last week, I had four tests. This is very frustrating, mostly because I am pretty much in my summer mindset already.

I spent my whole weekend home doing homework, but thinking about how I wanted to be outside riding my bike or playing tennis with my friends. I guess teachers are just getting the last few assignments and tests in before finals, which I realized today are less than a month away. That blew my mind. While it is exciting to know that the end of the semester is almost here, it was a little scary to think just how close finals are. If I am this stressed out now, I will probably be even more once finals get here. That time of the school year is always insanely busy. Seemingly endless hours in the library and my room studying notes and text books, with the occasional break to sleep or eat, is what my finals week will consist of, which I am not looking forward to. It is the final step to being on summer break though. Something I am very much looking forward to.

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Car Crash Due to Texting

A couple days ago I heard about a woman who was involved in a car wreck in Lebanon. I then was able to read about it on She was allegedly texting while driving, which caused her to swerve over in to the oncoming lane and hit a pickup truck. Her four-year old son was in the back seat, who was killed. The woman was hospitalized with serious burns and other injuries. The driver and passengers of the truck were injured as well, but nothing too serious. I cannot imagine the amount of guilt she is carrying.

It’s scary to hear about something like this, especially so close to whereyou live. I will admit that I text and drive constantly. I don’t even think about it sometimes. However, I have caught myself swerving a little bit from time to time. This story really made me realize that something like this could easily happen, and that I should be more cautious when driving, limiting my texting while driving.


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Another Summer at the Shore House


Yesterday, the beloved television show, Jersey Shore, was officially picked up for a new sixth season. I amĀ  not going to pretend that my friend and I don’t watch the show every Thursday, because we do. I find this show so interesting and hysterical. Clearly I do not actually like these people, especially Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, but I find their insane partying and drama to be very entertaining. We basically watch the show to laugh at their stupidity. I enjoy watching Snooki get drunk and arrested, Sammi and Ronnie throw furniture at each other when they fight, and Pauly and Vinny express their eternal love for each other. I am not embarrassed to admit that find all of that extremely hilarious.

It is even more funny to see how seriously they take their “careers,” when all they do is party and bitch at each other. Granted, they do make about $100,000 per episode. Most cast members are even expanding these so-called careers. Pauly D. has his own spin-off show starting on March 29, J-Woww and Snooki have their own show coming up, and Ronnie has his own clothing line, Jersey Laundry, and drink, Ron-Ron Juice. It is amazing how much money these people are making by doing essentially nothing.

While this sadly does entertain for an hour every Thursday night, I am still frightened by the fact that I am sure there are younger kids who might actually view this lifestyle as cool or acceptable. It especially does not help that Snooki just recently announced her pregnancy. Despite this pregnancy, she will still be returning to shore house this summer. I can’t even imagine what will happen with this child.


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Beautiful Weather

This week’s weather has been absolutely gorgeous. Temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s, with very little pestering winds, unlike last week. I admit, I am jealous of any schools that have spring break this week. My spring break consisted of hail, rain, and wind. Now I am back in school and all I want to do is be outside enjoying this weather. It was torture being in class today, then going straight to work all night.

This weather makes me want to ride my bike, play tennis, and any other outside activities. Yesterday, my friend, who is on spring break, were able to play a couple games of tennis and take a walk. Today it was even so warm that a few of my friends got to lay out by their pool. I love doing stuff like that, and I think it’s a waste if people do not go outside and take advantage of this beautiful weather. I hope to make a trip to the zoo this week, or something fun like that.

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The Return of Lucas Scott

Chad Michael Murray's Return Appearance

Frankly, I am at a loss about something to write about this week. My plan was to discuss the Oscars, which were on last night. But that does not interest me quite as much as what is happening on one of my favorite television shows, “One Tree Hill.” This might not be an appealing topic to some people, but I have been a loyal viewer of this show for years now. Last week’s episode was quite a monumental one.

In my opinion, the show has done an impressive downward spiral since its early seasons. It has transformed from a storyline of small-town high school friends to high-class career adults with much bigger problems. The show is on its ninth and final season, but since the end of season six, it has been without two original, key characters, Lucas, Chad Michael Murray, and Peyton, Hilary Burton. Since then, I believe it lost a good majority of its viewers. I just had to watch it until the end though. This past episode, however, had a surprise visit from the loved and missed character of Lucas Scott.

Murray returned essentially for a way for the fans to say a final goodbye to his character. He was the heart and moral center of the show, in my opinion. Without him, it just has not been the same. He came back solely to help out his best friend Haley, Bethany Galleoti, who’s husband, Lucas’ brother, has gone missing. Nathan, James Lafferty, was kidnapped on his way home from Europe. He interacted only with Haley and her son, Jamie, which was a disappointment for me. I had hoped that he would go back to Tree Hill and see some of his old friends. When he arrived in the airport crowd in the beginning of the episode, you couldn’t help but smile though. Bringing him back was definitely a great way to gain more viewers for the week and help more smoothly bring the show to an end.


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Commercial Viewed Controversial Due to Transgender Content

The article, “Cheltenham Festival ‘Ladies’ Day’ Slammed as Transphobic,” describes how Paddy Power produced a commercial for Ladies’ Day, which allowed for the viewers to guess whether a person was a woman or a transgender. Over 500 complaints were received by the company, stating that it was either inappropriate or offensive to the LGBT society. Even though the general conclusion of many officials was that the commercial was all in good fun, it was not aired. The station probably did not want to endure any angry viewers, or loose viewers simply because of a commercial.

Woman or Transgender?

I believe that the intent of the commercial was simply to create a few laughs. And I do not believe that anyone should be offended by this. The fact that viewers were encouraged to guess transgenders from women, or ‘Stallions from Mares,’ as it was referred to in the ad, is not that big of a deal, in my opinion. I have seen this on many television shows, such as “Tyra,” and it was accepted by the television viewer community then. The article even stated that many actual transgenders participated in the commercial. If they were not offended or hurt, I can’t imagine that anyone else should be. I agree with ESPN, the channel that would have aired the ad, in not airing it, however. Keeping clean of controversies such as this is probably a smart decision, however sometimes they are inevitable.

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Juice Cleansing Diets: Are They For You?

English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice

Cucumber Juice

My friend and her boyfriend recently made the decision to begin a juice diet. They plan to start it Monday, February 13th, and it is to last one week. The process entails consuming strictly fruits and vegetables in juice form during the entire week. A juice diet is basically a detoxification of the body, which has the main purpose of enhancing the immune system. These purely natural juices help the body regain balance and stamina to fight off disease and other illnesses. My friends hope to primarily cleanse their bodies, rather than lose an extreme amount of weight, for they are both pretty slender people already.

I went with them to shop for fruits and vegetables for the first day or so of their endeavor. They purchased kale, cucumbers, carrots, garlic, apples, and lemons. There are many other fruits and vegetables able to be juiced as well though. The plan was to try out a few different combinations and see which ones they prefer. They have already experimented a bit for tasting purposes and to see how their new juicer worked, and I was tempted into trying a couple of their creations. I had a sip of cucumber juice and a little bit of kale, which to my surprise was not the worst taste in the world. Then they got a little more creative and added a few more vegetables into the mix, and I could not handle that one.

This type of diet is great, in my opinion, for people who are really dedicated to it. I, for one, could not do it however. I am all for working out and eating healthy, but this is a bit extreme for me. I enjoy food much too much to eliminate it completely. While it is not in my taste, I am supporting my friends 100% as they embark on this week long cleansing process, and I am looking forward to how it all turns out for them.

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